10 products your baby DOESN’T need as voted by parents

10 products your baby DOESN’T need as voted by parents

Fancy saving yourself £275/€300? Avoid these products revealed by Which? to be items that parents with children under the age of five bought, but hadn’t found to be useful.

Babies are expensive enough without spending your money on items that will simply sit in the cupboard and gather dust. Researchers at Which? drew up this ‘don’t buy’ list to help parents avoid pointless purchases.  Of course, some people do find these products useful, but it’s worth carefully considering whether you are really going to use them before you buy as avoiding these products could save you up to £275!


Bumbo seat, image Which.co.uk

Bumbo seat, image Which.co.uk

10 least useful baby products

1. Door baby bouncer

2. Baby washing bowl

3. Manual breast pump

4. Baby hammock

5. Fabric sling

6. Nappy-stacker

7.Bumbo seat

8.Cot mobile

9. Swadling blanket

10. Nappy disposal bin

Source: Which?


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  1. Sarah F

    I have to disagree with you on fabric sling. Whether a ringsling, stretchy wrap or a soft structured carrier a properly designed (not babybjorn or anyting similar – they can go on your list as they’re not comfortable for baby or parent for any length of timel) sling that will ergonomically support the baby in a lovely soft cuddle while leaving the parents’ the use of both arms is not only useful, but invaluable, particularly to parents with more than one child. Being able to hold a newborn while tending to the needs of a toddler or older child is more than just “useful”.

  2. Tonielle Bowlby

    Bumbo seat we used a lot, sling very useful, got mobile we couldn’t have slept without and my first two ( of 6 ) absolutely loved the door bouncer!

  3. Ciara

    Can’t believe fabric sling is in there! Possibly the single most useful item I ever had for any of my 3! In fact I used same one for all 3. How is being hands free and getting baby to sleep, curing colic and helping reflux not useful! If your not finding your sling helpful maybe you’re not doing it right?

  4. Louise mullen

    I use my manual breast pump everyday. couldn’t do without it. Also have a mei tai that I use a lot.

  5. Charmain

    Couldn’t have managed without the door bouncer from 4.5mths up til 8mths. It’s how we got our dinner eaten! I know a LOT of mammies that swear by a sling – the proper ones, not the high street ones. They’re getting more popular now too

  6. kellie

    Maybe people dont find slings useful cause 1. they havent got the right one (high street ones are a no no such as Baby Boujourn and Tomy Slings) and 2. cause they dont no how to use them effectively when they have the right kind. please see baby wearing ireland if interested in baby wearing.

  7. Clare O Rourke

    Manual avent breastpump was the best €30 i ever spent!! I even donated 3litres of bm to the milk bank using it!! Also love my sling + nappy bin! + the cot mobile gives me 5mins to jump in the shower every morn.. so worth its weight in gold! 😉

  8. Alan

    Agree so much with Sarah F (especially about the babybjorn – awful things). I loved being able to carry my little guy around cuddled up and still have my hands free.

  9. orla

    I disagree on the door bouncer, its been a godsend since she was three months, she is a very active baby so was worth buying

  10. Ger

    Couldn’t do without my slings and agree with the other parents – high street slings are rubbish. Getting advice on a good sling that works for your family is worth every cent. Use my nappy bin umpteen times a day but maybe it’s just needed more when your baby is in cloth!

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