9 out of 10 of mums feel they don’t get enough ‘quality time’ with children

9 out of 10 of mums feel they don’t get enough ‘quality time’ with children

Stay at home mums may not be going into work, but they certainly are hard working.

A new survey has revealed that 90% of mums are so busy running the household that they don’t get to spend enough quality time with their children.

Even when they are at home with their children, mums spend so much time cleaning up after them and organising the house, that they don’t time to play with their children.

The survey by Direct Line revealed that seven out of ten mums believe they never get a day off to unwind and enjoy time with their family.

In fact household chores are so demanding that stay at home mums they rack up a staggering 31 hours of chores every week! Eight hours is spent washing and cooking, four hours is dedicated to cleaning and two hours of ironing.

Kerry Chilvers, brands director at Direct Line, said:

“Mums are the engine of the family and are heavily relied upon to keep home life as it should be.

‘However, as this research shows, so many feel they never really get a proper day off. It’s important to be able to switch off and escape those hectic daily routines.”

From the stress of getting the kids to school, right to the point of getting them to bed in the evening, four in five said they spend more time cleaning up after their children than actually being able to play with them.

Weekends are no different, with mums racking up over eight solid hours of chores to keep the household ticking as dad’s are too tired from their working week to help out.

Family days out

The research, carried out among 2,000 mums, also found the average British family manages just six days out all together as a family each year.

When asked to rate the perfect ingredients for a family day out, mums just wanted good weather, value for money and the kids to be in a good mood.

UK mums voted huge expenses and unruly kids as the factors most likely to ruin a day out.

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