Aldi’s baby range, Mamia, boasts award-winning products

Aldi’s baby range, Mamia, boasts award-winning products

Mums and dads vote Aldi’s Mamia range a winner


Aldi Stores (Ireland) represents superb quality at unbeatable prices and has 106 stores throughout Ireland.

Aldi’s baby range, Mamia, has an exclusive award winning product range. Aldi puts great care into developing its high quality range of products. By choosing our award winning Mamia products you will be getting the best performance at the best price, as voted by mums and dads just like you!

In the know mothers, fathers and grandparents are getting more for their money with our fantastic Mamia range, where according to a recent Netmums poll an astounding 97.75% of Mums would recommend our nappies.

We pride ourselves on having expert parent approval as demonstrated by the many awards our range has won including:


On Thursday 30th January our Baby and Toddler event will hit Aldi stores across Ireland where a wide range of Specialbuys will be available at affordable prices to keep you and your little one happy, from buggies to pillows and blankets to bottles.

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