Could aspirin help prevent miscarriage?

Could aspirin help prevent miscarriage?

Doctors have discovered that blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin can fix a faulty gene found in a high number of couples who suffer from repeat miscarriages.


A study found a faulty gene was present in 44 per cent of IVF patients compared to a population average of 15 per cent and that when passed on, through the male or female, the gene was responsible for blood clotting resulting in repeated miscarriages.

The gene, known as C4/M2 creates problems for the embryo implanting in the womb and can be passed on through men or women.

IVF doctors are now treating carriers of the defective gene with blood thinning drugs and the results are so effective it gives anyone carrying the gene a similar chance of conceiving as someone who doesn’t carry it.

Those treated with heparin (a dug similar to aspirin) by IVF provider Care Facility, were found to have a healthy baby birth rate of 38%.

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