Baby Massage V Swaddling

Baby Massage V Swaddling

Baby massage is an alternative to the restrictive practice of swaddling and can help to calm babies. It can also help to relieve the symptoms of colic which effects one in five babies under the age of four months, a leading baby expert has proposed.

“Trends in baby care come and go and swaddling, which is a fairly traditional practice whereby babies are wrapped tightly with their arms restrained and legs stretched out, fell out of favour. It’s starting to come back and photos of Prince George, in what appeared to be muslin swaddling clothes, might ignite a new fashion.” Says Infacol midwife Nikki Khan.

However, a recent study by the University Hospital Southampton highlighted health problems with swaddling, including the risk of hip problems in later life.

“The study is very important. Parents should avoid any form of swaddling. There are much better ways to calm a baby including massage, which is a powerful way to bond and communicate. There are various techniques that can be carefully used to soothe your baby through touch. There’s even an anti-colic massage technique which can make a real difference and works on lots of infants,” says Nikki

Another way to treat colic is Infacol, the number one infant colic remedy.  It has been specially formulated to relieve wind, infant colic and griping pain and can be used from birth onwards.


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