Clutter-free nurseries with The Bunk Cot Company

Clutter-free nurseries with The Bunk Cot Company

The Bunk Cot Company’s latest product offerings combine innovative cot design with clever storage solutions…


The Bunk Cot Company specialises in designing innovative cots which promise to optimise space in the home. Two of its latest products in the range feature a single cot with a drawer or cupboard offering – perfect for a clutter-free nursery!

A new addition to the range is the Single Cot with drawer. It has a large 25cm deep, two compartment drawer which rests below the cot, offering excellent storage. The mattress base has 2 levels – a higher level for newborns and young babies, and a lower level for when babies start pulling themselves up. The cot is suitable for children up to 5 years old. The front rail can also be removed to turn the cot into a daybed for naps when your child is older.

Coming soon to the Bunk Cot Company is the Single Cot with cupboard. Available in 12 weeks’ time, it has a double cupboard featuring two shelves underneath – ideal for clever storage of baby essentials. It also comes with optional wheels which can be clipped for easy manoeuvring of the cot from bedroom to nursery. This cot is again suitable for newborns and children up to 5 years old.

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