Are we a DIY generation that love to knit?

Are we a DIY generation that love to knit?

It seems the idea of a homely Mum has also shifted through a generation, In a survey conducted by, 46% of Mums said they now teach their children DIY, compared to 16% who received the skill from their own Mums.


The same survey asked participants who they thought was the nation’s most ‘homely’ celebrity and Mum of four Jules Oliver came out on top with 24% of votes.

In what proved to be a very competitive category, Jules only just pipped TV presenter and Mum Fern Britton to the post who received 21% of votes. Dawn French and Holly Willoughby also made the top five, alongside Nigella Lawson who it seems has weathered the recent media storm with her reputation relatively intact.


Julie Oliver was voted most 'homely celebrity

Julie Oliver was voted most ‘homely celebrity


Cooking and crafts are NOT old fashioned!

We also shouldn’t be concerned that we’re raising a nation who can’t cook – Jules’ other half Jamie Oliver must be getting the message across – 94% of Mums polled teach their children to cook, compared to 77% who learned the skill from their own Mother.

Traditional crafts like sewing and knitting are still holding their own in the mind of a homely Mum – 61% teach their children to sew and 73% teach their children to knit. 89% of respondents to the survey felt it was very important to pass on these skills to their children.

Anyone counting the pennies will be pleased to know that it doesn’t matter what you spend on your Mum this Mother’s Day. 24% said spending time with their Mum was their best Mother’s Day memory and for 55% of those polled, spending time with their own children topped the list.

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