Do food cravings during pregnancy mean anything?

Do food cravings during pregnancy mean anything?

The first hint I had that I was pregnant came when I woke up one morning and craved an ice-pop rather than my usual cup of coffee.


Despite my brain telling me that I needed my daily caffeine fix, I just couldn’t make myself drink it. Something was definitely up and a few weeks later my pregnancy was confirmed.

So what are pregnancy cravings and why do we get them?

What causes pregnancy cravings?

Despite much research and the experiences of millions of mums-to-be, it is still unclear exactly why we crave certain foods during pregnancy. But while the causes of pregnancy cravings remain a mystery, the experts have put forward some educated guesses.

One suggestion is that the hormonal changes during pregnancy can impact our taste and smell, explaining why one day the food you love makes you gag, while you crave foods that you used to hate.

Other experts believe that pregnancy cravings are your body’s way of telling you it has specific nutritional needs. For example, craving red meat reflects an iron deficiency, while a craving for salty foods such as crisps, chips and pickles could be because you are low in sodium.

The bottom line is that not enough research has been done in this area to determine the causes of pregnancy cravings and you should take care when responding to them. If you crave a huge bowl of fruit salad every day, then go for it but if your craving is for weird food and potentially dangerous non-food substances (paint stripper, coal, polish anyone?), then find an alternative .

Remember:  You only need an additional 300 calories a day when you’re pregnant, so stick to a healthy diet and don’t eat too much of foods that are high in fat or sugar.


Weird pregnancy food cravings

Mums on our Facebook page shared these strange cravings

–          Carrots and ice cream – together!

–          Chocolate buttons dipped into curry

–          Battenburg cake and green olives

–          Tuna and Marmite sandwiches

–          Firelighters and coal


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