We’re not kidding – it’s a Baby Selfie App!

We’re not kidding – it’s a Baby Selfie App!

Ok, hands up who’s guilty of filling friend’s timelines with pictures of their baby?


Parents tend to be obsessed with their little ones and this obsession has spilled into social media as we enthusiastically share pictures of momentous occasions in our babies lives – first steps, cute smiles, messy dinner times…

Now taking pictures of your baby has never been easier thanks to the new Baby Selfie app created by software developer and father Matthew Pegula.


Baby Selfie app

The android only app shows a cute illustration of an owl, puppy or other animal on screen and plays a sound to get the baby’s attention, then, once the smartphone is picked up, it takes the picture and stores the photo on your phone.

The app, which costs 60p to download to any smartphone with a front facing camera, describes itself as ‘peek-a-boo with a camera twist’. We can’t wait to see the results on our timeline!

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