Laughter is top priority for parents

Laughter is top priority for parents

The survey of 1000 parents of pre-school aged children aged under five, revealed that sixty seven per cent of mums and dads would choose television programmes to entertain their children, rather than those which might be more focused on helping their child’s learning and development.

Furthermore, sixty eight per cent of UK parents listed humour as the most important aspect of a TV show when choosing which programmes for their children to watch, wanting a show which would make their child laugh.

According to the survey carried out by Zodiak Rights, Peppa Pig, Tickety Toc and Postman Pat are among the funniest children’s television shows on screen at the moment.

Nigel Pickard, one of the founders of dedicated children’s channel CBeebies, and Chief Executive Officer at Zodiak Kids UK said: “Our survey reveals that parents really want their children to laugh and enjoy their television programmes. Watching television for children, just as it is for adults, is very much a winding-down time, and a relaxing activity, so a TV programme which makes children have a giggle as they watch is so important” adds Nigel.

In three quarters of all households, it is the parents who decide which TV shows they allow their children to watch. Although a fifth of parents allow their under-five year olds to pick which programmes they would like to watch.

What’s more, three-quarters of all parents admit to secretly enjoying the TV shows aimed at their children.

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