New 3-in-1 ‘convertible’ bunk from The BunkCot Company

New 3-in-1 ‘convertible’ bunk from The BunkCot Company

Faced with a growing family, many homes fall short on space but the new the 3-in-1 ‘Convertible’ bunk cot from The BunkCot Company is an innovative solution that frees up space for a larger play area.


The top cot/bed comes with a dropside rail which gives parents easy access to their baby and helps to reduce back strain, as well as a bed valance and ladder for older children.

The bottom cot/bed comes with an easily interchangeable rail and bed valance offering you the flexibility to suit your childrens’ needs.

The back and sides of the bunk cot never change, but the easily interchangeable rails and bed valances for the front enable the bunkcot to be set up in the following three different combinations to suit the ages of your children:

Stage1: two cots ­– Set up with cot rails on the top and the bottom – mainly used in this configuration for twins.

Stage 2: top cot and lower toddler bed – used in this configuration for siblings close in age, with a baby on the top with the dropside rail, and the toddler on the bottom with the bed valance.

Stage 3: two beds – used in this configuration for toddlers and older children. The youngest child usually sleeps on the bottom with the older child climbing the ladder into the top bunk.

The bunk cot is suitable for both newborns and children up to the age of six. The bunk cots are made from solid Beechwood and is available in natural beechwood and white colours. All 3-in-1 ‘convertible’ cots come with all rails and bed valances, a wooden ladder and two mattresses.

The BunkCot Company will be showing the 3-in-1 cot in beechwood and white as well as the white single cot with a space saving drawer at Ireland’s Baby Show in September.

For further information call The Bunk Cot Company on 01202 759401 or visit


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