Newborn babies are programmed to wake their mothers up at night

Newborn babies are programmed to wake their mothers up at night

Babies cry at night to stop parents from trying for another.


The arrival of a new baby and the countless sleepless nights that it involves will put even the strongest of relationships to the test, but now it looks like it could all be part of Mother Nature’s plan.

A new report by Harvard University scientists claims there is a biological reason that babies cry in the middle of the night.

The study says that babies are wired to monopolise their mother’s attention and their habit of crying in the middle of the night is a clever way of ensuring that parents are just too tired for any romance, ensuring there won’t be a new brother or sister any time soon!

The report also found that breastfeeding at night extends a mother’s post-birth infertility, known as amenorrhoea.

Author Professor David Haig said:

“Night walking increases in the second half of the first year of an infant life and is more pronounced for breastfed babies.”

He goes on to suggest that this night suckling is a tactic “of infants to extend their mother’s amenorrhoea, thus delaying the birth of a younger sibling and enhancing infant survival.”


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