Newborn Baby Shopping Essentials

Newborn Baby Shopping Essentials

You may think a newborn baby’s needs are pretty basic – they need food and sleep, simple right?


Unfortunately its’ not quite that simple, as you’ll come to realise when you step into your first baby super store.

You’ll be immediately bombarded with gadgets, furniture and accessories for the new arrival and while you won’t need them all, the essential shopping list is quite a substantial one.

It helps with the budgeting if you start purchasing those big ticket items well in advance, the rest you can buy closer to the arrival date.

Don’t forget you’ll get lots of baby gift too, so some of these items you could ask friends and family to help you with.


Big ticket items

–          A rear facing baby car seat

–          A flat lying pram or buggy suitable for a newborn baby

–          Nursery furniture – cot, changing table, wardrobe

Sleep essentials

–          Moses basket and stand

–          Baby mattress

–          Cot sheets

–          Cellular blankets and/or a baby bag

–          Baby monitoring device

Washing and bathing essentials

–          Baby bath

–          Baby towel

–          Water thermometer

–          Baby soap or bath lotion

–          Nail scissors

Baby changing essentials

–          Baby changing mat

–          Baby wipes or cotton wool

–          Disposable nappies or reusable ones

–          Nappy cream

–          Nappy bags

Baby clothes

–          Six all-in-ones

–          A pack of baby vests

–          A cardigan

–          New born baby mitts to stop them scratching their delicate skin

–          Baby socks or booties

–          A hat

Feeding essentials

–          Bottles, teats, bottle cleaner and a sterilising system (if you are bottle feeding)

–          Storage bottles and a breast pump (if you are breast feeding)

–          Nursing bras and breast pads (if you are breastfeeding)

–          Bids

–          Muslin squares (for baby sick!)

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