How to prepare for labour

How to prepare for labour

Ways to physically and mentally ready yourself for labour and the arrival of your baby.

Going through labour is pretty unavoidable part of the pregnancy process so . Nevertheless, we understand that the thought is one you’d rather keep at bay, due to the incomparable pain which is a well-known by-product of the experience.

It is, however, something you’ll have to face up to eventually and surprisingly, when you do, you’ll find it a lot less daunting.

Although, as other mums will tell you, there’s nothing that can quite prepare you for the moment you go into labour, there are ways to make yourself feel more physically and mentally ready for it.

Learn about the birth process

Ignorance is not bliss in the case of giving birth. Becoming more informed about what’s going to happen during labour will make it less frightening. Whilst the Internet is informative, it’s not your birthing Bible. Speak to your doctor and midwife and ask them for information on the stages of labour before delving into the depths of Google. Attend antenatal or parentcraft classes too.

Talk to other mothers

All birthing experiences vary greatly, so never treat anyone else’s labour story as gospel. But talking to other mothers about their labours is very useful for easing your anxiety and letting you know that giving birth is humanly possible. Veteran mums may also have handy pain relief tips and advice too.

Pack an overnight bag

Having your delivery bag and supplies packed and ready to go will make everything seem more real. Make a checklist to ensure you’ll have all the essentials such as; pyjamas, a change of clothes, swimwear, snacks, a camera, nursing bras, clothes for the baby, nappies and a car seat etc.

Have a firm birthing plan (and back-up plan) in place

Going into labour is a big enough shock, so you’ll want to make sure you know what you have to do once your water breaks or those contractions start. Always have a backup plan just in case the person who’s supposed to drive you to the hospital isn’t around when the time comes. There’s no such thing as being too organised when it comes to giving birth.

Keep fit and healthy

We know it’s an annoying thing to hear when you don’t have the energy to move from the couch and generally feel like an enormous lump, but don’t underestimate how vital good health and fitness is when it comes to giving birth.

Psychologically, building up your stamina with regular prenatal exercise like pregnancy yoga, will make you feel ready for the task at hand.Yoga especially will teach you relaxation techniques and regulate your breathing, which is very important during delivery. To aide your body further, make sure you are as well rested as possible and well nourished. Bring some healthy snacks with you to the hospital, such as fruit and nuts which will supply you with energy during labour.

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