Product test: Mumbucks reward system for children

Product test: Mumbucks reward system for children

All children can play up at some point and it’s always handy to have a reward system or chart to help them realise the benefits of good behaviour.



There are so many ideas out there and one of the latest is Mumbucks. The Mumbucks system is created around realistic looking note based currency which is earned for good behaviour, saved for special treats and traded for time towards doing favourite activities.


Each Mumbucks pack includes 82 notes of different denominations and a reward chart to monitor success.  The product provides families with a toolkit to create a positive, effective, long lasting and light-hearted parenting approach that can be incorporated into everyday family life.

The chart allows you to determine which behaviours are to be achieved and what the reward will be i.e. how many Mumbucks they will receive. It could be tidying up; being kind to siblings; not moaning; doing homework without arguing; not being rude or answering back – the usual suspects. The point is, you can tailor the system to suit you and your children.


Mumbucks reward sytem

Mumbucks reward system


 So does it work?

It depends on how committed you are to using a system. I personally use a simple traffic light system that runs in tandem to the one my child’s primary school teacher uses. However, I decided to give the Mumbucks a go.


My son is five and a half years old and doesn’t really understand the value of money – except that gold coins buy more sweets! However I explained that each Mumbuck was worth X amount of money and that he could trade them in for time to watch TV or stay up for an extra five/ten minutes at weekends.


After two weeks I came to realise that he is too young to really take advantage of the system. At his age he is more interested in whether the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are  living down our drains than what a Mumbuck is worth and how many he has accumulated. When I gave them to him, he lost them and I had to constantly remind him how it all  worked. There were too many denominations too and when he was given a 5 he was asking why his behaviour wasn’t worth a 20!


I think older children will benefit greatly from Mumbucks as they can have more input/interest into what each note is worth or can be traded for. Mumbucks are a good idea for sure and a creative way to motivate and reward good behaviour. I’ll definitely try them again when he’s six and given up on searching for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the drains!


RRP: €18



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