Professor Winston launches new online fertility advice service

Professor Winston launches new online fertility advice service

Ireland’s Baby Show guest VIP speaker, Professor Robert Winston launches free online fertility advice service with Genesis Research Trust


Ireland’s baby Show is delighted and honoured to have Professor Robert Winston, a world authority on reproductive health attending as the VIP guest speaker at both the Dublin & Belfast shows.

One of the UKs best known medical experts, Winston is a fertility pioneer but most parents will recognise him as the face of BBCs popular Child of our Times series.

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Outspoken about the high cost of private fertility treatment which he has said “is not charged on what it actually costs but what it’s thought the      market will bear,”  he is launching a new online advice service to help those seeking impartial fertility advice.

The service, run through the charity Genesis Research Trust of which Winston is chairman, will then see questions anonymised and            published online, along with Professor Winston’s personal blog. The advice is offered free of charge but it is hoped that those receiving advice    will make a donation to the charity to ensure it continues its vital research into healthy pregnancies.

In an interview the Guardian, Winston said: “Each week I get dozens of emails from people who feel they are not getting proper advice from the  clinics they are attending and don’t have a clear understanding of what has been happening to them, why their treatment has failed or why they need to have a specific treatments.”

By setting up the online advice service, Winston hope to address the problem by offering a reliable source of information to fertility patients.

“The beauty of my doing it is that I don’t have vested interest. I think I can quite truthfully answer inquiries without pushing patients towards a particular clinch or a particular treatment.”

The service launches in early March and anyone will be able to email for a response from Winston to their fertility question.

For more information visit Genesis Research Trust 


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