Real Nappies – the benefits of reusable nappies

Real Nappies – the benefits of reusable nappies

Fabulous in fluff, cute in cloth: Real Nappy Week is all about celebrating everything great about using reusable nappies.

But cuteness aside, the fact remains that most parents choose to use disposable nappies largely due to the convenience and partly due to a lack of awareness of the benefits of fabric nappies.

Reusable nappies come in a vast range of colours and fabrics. They often look like disposables and can be just as easy to put on and take off again.

Modern reusable nappies don’t require soaking and can be washed in the washing machine at home, or picked up by a nappy laundry service.

Nappy facts

Go Real, the real nappy information service state on their website that a baby requires nearly 2,000 nappy changes a year. With potty training averaging at two and a half years, that is nearly 5,000 nappies per child!

At an average cost of 16p per disposable, parents are spending a small fortune!

Recent research by Go Real shows that parents can save anything from £150 to over a £1000 by switching to real nappies and those savings stack up even further when nappies are used on a second- and a third child…

real nappy week

Why use real nappies?

Save money: Using real nappies could save you anything upwards of £500 per child. And more if you use your nappies on a second child or buy pre-loved nappies.

Better for the Environment: Using real nappies instead of disposables means carbon savings of 40% and prevents over 4,000 nappies from going to landfill for every baby using real nappies.

Stylish: Modern real nappies are stylish, fashionable and come in a range of patterns, designs and colours. You can even buy bespoke!

Comfortable for your baby: Real Nappies come in a range of materials, all chosen to be as kind as possible to your baby’s skin.


Your real nappy check list

If you decide you’d like use real nappies there are few basis purchases you’ll need to make before you get started:

  • 15 – 24 nappies of the nappy of your choice.
  • 3 – 6 waterproof wraps of each size (to be replaced as your baby grows) if you are using two part nappies such as Terries, prefolds or fitted.
  • Nappy liners (disposable or reusable)
  • Booster pads (for extra absorbency)
  • Nappy bucket
  • Laundry mesh (optional)
  • Sanitiser (optional)
  • Wet bag (optional) for when you are out and about

What type of real nappy is best?

The type of real nappy you use will be determined by budget and your lifestyle needs. For example, do you need nappies that will be easy for other members of the family or a nursery to use, perhaps those that have poppers or Velcro; do you want stylish as well as practical, environmentally friendly?.

Whichever brand of nappy you decide upon, they generally fall into one of these categories: Flat (the old fashioned Terry Squares and Prefolds), Shaped, Pocket or All-in-Ones.

Real nappies are manufactured in both manmade and natural fibres and some nappies even mix and match, to get the best of both worlds. Each fabric has its pros and cons, so be sure to do your research.


For more information on real nappies, including where to buy them, useful tips and Q&As, visit

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