Signs your baby is ready for weaning

Signs your baby is ready for weaning

At around 4-6 months of age your baby will be ready to experience new tastes.

Up to this point most babies get all the nourishment they need from breast milk or infant formula. Exactly when is the right time to introduce your baby to new tastes will vary from baby to baby, but it usually happens somewhere between 16 and 24 weeks.   Your baby will do things in their own time but don’t leave it much later than later than six months to try your baby on pureed foods as they could miss out on important nutrients needed for healthy growth, like iron to support healthy cognitive development.


Begin your weaning adventure with smooth purees, so your baby can get used to non-liquid textures and learn how to move food around in their mouths. Once your little one has mastered this, you can introduce mashed food with soft lumps. This encourages your baby’s tongue flexibility and develops both chewing and speech muscles.


Here are some tell-tale signs to look out for when your little one is ready to start weaning from

Heinz for Baby.

  • Your baby can hold their head up and has good head and neck control
  • Your baby’s tongue no longer pushes food out of their mouth
  • Your baby’s tongue moves food to the back of their mouth ready for swallowing
  • You’ll find your baby’s mouth closes around the spoon and food stays in their mouth
  • You’ll find your baby watches you eat and reaches for food
  • Your baby leans forward and opens their mouth when food approaches
  • Milk feeds no longer seem to satisfy your baby

You might also find this video on baby weaning useful:



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