Is technology killing family life?

Is technology killing family life?

Be honest, when was the last time you enjoyed a digital free day with your children?  Most adults are guilty of spending too much on our mobile phones or tablets and now it seems that our children are following in our footsteps.

The use of technology and the question of whether it is potentially damaging society is something that is currently high on everyone’s agenda and there’s been a lot of research recently looking at the negative implications from its overuse.

With experts and studies saying that children, in particular, are suffering from over exposure of technology – with depression, stunted development skills and a risk of serious health issues – it appears something needs to be done to redress the situation.

One organisation that is encouraging parents to be more pro-active in their own, and their children’s use of technology, is Foresters, the international financial services organisation.

Last month saw the UK launch of Tech Timeout™- where families are encouraged to have a daily digital detox in a bid to reconnect with each other. Supported by Foresters, the initiative is aimed at helping families spend more quality time together, as well as help their health and well-being, simply by switching off devices for an hour every day, for a week.

Rebecca Bell, Project Leader from Foresters explains: “While there is little doubt that technology plays an important part of all our lives, there are fears that extended use by children can have far reaching affects including lack of developmental skills and even depression”.

“The Tech Timeout challenge is an excellent way for families to reconnect, as well as showing children that they don’t have to use technology all the time in order to have fun.

“We are inviting parents to pledge their support for this initiative and take a daily scheduled break from their electronic devices for one hour every day, for a week.”

Mums, dads and even children can sign up to the campaign – which is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK – at – as well as get useful tips and advice.

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