Toddlers who can draw are more likely to be intelligent

Toddlers who can draw are more likely to be intelligent

Could your child’s latest scribbling be a reflection of their future genius?


A study of 7,750 pair of twins suggest that a toddler’s ability to draw at four years of age is linked to intelligence as a teenager.

Researchers at King’s College London found that children who could draw a more accurate picture of a human at four were ‘moderately’ more likely to do well in intelligence tests at 14.

The research required parents to ask their children to draw a picture of a person. The drawings were then rated 0 to 12 based on the presence of key body parts such as arms, legs, head, eyes, nose, arms etc… so a picture of a person with the correct number of limbs but no facial features, received a score of four.But don’t worry if your child isn’t the next Da Vinci, lead author of the study Dr Rosalind Arden says:

“Our findings are interesting, but it doesn’t mean that parents should worry. Drawing ability does not determine intelligence; there are countless factors, both genetic and environmental, which affect intelligence later in life.”

Phew, no need to book those extra art classes just yet then!


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