Water Babies swimming classes offer essential early life skills

Water Babies swimming classes offer essential early life skills

Babies’ aptitude for swimming carries great physical and emotional development, encouraging a healthy lifestyle from the off. . .

With Spring around the corner there’s no better time to get to your local pool and bring your baby swimming so they are ready for the summer!

At Water Babies, swimming with your baby is a truly delightful experience. It’s a special time, when you’re able to focus purely on each other and enjoy the closeness that playing in water creates.

Babies love water – as you’ll see from the excited smiles and gurgles around the pool at Water Babies classes. And swimming from birth in warm water is entirely natural; after all, babies have just spent nine months in the womb!

Taking babies swimming from as early as possible means you’re introducing them to exercise and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, right from the start.  A weekly swim session will also help them develop physically, emotionally and mentally. Lessons are also very sociable and encourage parents to make new friends.

Weekly structured lessons like those of Water Babies’ provide you with a safe, controlled environment, where you can focus on the joy of being with your baby, learning and experiencing new things together whilst a qualified, professional instructor gently guides you.

Water familiarisation is an equally important aspect. Water Babies teach children to save themselves from drowning. Babies who swim on a regular basis develop a respect for water and can be taught potentially life-saving skills, such as turning onto their backs or, following a sudden submersion, swimming to the nearest solid object. And these skills kick in from remarkably early on, with children as young as two having been able to save themselves from the tragedy of drowning.

For more information visit Waterbabies.ie, email Pushtheduck@waterbabies.ie or call 00 353 (1) 824 9987

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