WaterWipes keep baby safe and healthy

WaterWipes keep baby safe and healthy

WaterWipes put health of baby first with chemical-free wipes

WaterWipes are produced by Irish Breeze, a leading producer of cotton products and baby care. Established in 1993 and after years of development, Irish Breeze produced the world’s purest baby wipe.

WaterWipes is the first chemical-free baby wipe to hit the market. Free from chemicals and preservatives, WaterWipes are 99.9% water with 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. This makes them safe for newborns and infants.  They are the only baby wipes approved by Allergy UK with tests proving they can reduce or remove allergens.

WaterWipes are suitable for all babies, particularly those with sensitive skin. They are extra soft and absorbent, leaving no greasy residue.  The small amount of grapefruit seed extract acts as a gentle, natural skin conditioner, stabiliser and protector. The combination of purified water and grapefruit seed extract is pH neutral, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and eco-friendly.

Irish Breeze managing director, Edward McCloskey said: “Midwives have long been recommending cotton wool and (cooled, boiled) water as the safest thing for a delicate baby’s bottom. Our product meets this specification.  All other baby wipes typically contain chemicals. As most mothers can use baby wipes on their infants up to 10 times a day, this is exposing them to chemicals 10 times a day. Not a good scenario.”

WaterWipes are more effective than cotton wool and cold boiled water. They can be considered one of the safest baby wipes around, freeing your baby from any harmful chemicals.   W: Waterwipes.com

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