Are these the world’s wackiest products for children?

Are these the world’s wackiest products for children?

Forget the humble dummy, or boring buggy, because Sudocrem have compiled a list of the world’s wackiest products on the market for children.


With a little help from their Facebook community, the nation’s favourite nappy rash experts have scoured the web, and clawed through catalogues, to find some truly off-the-wall items.

Top of the wackiest products for children list as voted for by Sudocrem’s Facebook users, was the Baby Butt Fan. Made by Infant Breeze, the hand sized fan aims to tackle a problem that 79% of UK babies suffer with*, nappy rash.

Just missing out on the top spot was the Baby Snot Sucker or ‘Baby Nose-Clear Nasal Aspirator’, as it’s actually called. A clear tube-like instrument which can be inserted into a child’s nose allowing its lucky parent to easily remove any unwanted blockages.

The Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle was voted third and apparently, “turns junior into a bench-pressin’ body-builder!”

Fourth in the list was the Daddle. A saddle that can be easily attached to Dad’s back creating a great new mode of transport for little ones. The products website does warn, however, “knee pads are a must, so don’t forget them.”

At the bottom of the top five finds, as voted for by Sudocrem’s Facebook users, came the Baby Mop. A baby onesie with added mop heads meaning little ones can now do their share of the cleaning, without even having to stand!

What do you think of the list? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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